Letter to Oreo: Five Days at our New Old Home


Dear Oreo,

We’re here right now at our new family house in Calapan. Last Friday Mommy went home to attend the opening of PUREGOLD Calapan, and then extended our stay here so we can spend some time with your lolo and lola.

We miss daddy, but I missed my parents a lot too.

Your lolo and lola fed us a lot of yummy food, which included roast chicken, pork soup stock boiled over a low fire on a clay stove for hours, crabs, spicy shrimp, and just about every other food mommy has been craving for the past month.

We kicked out your lolo and took his place beside your lola, and mommy slept well for days. We also got some “exercise” buying mommy more clothes from the local ukay-ukay – including several swimwear so we can still be cute on the beach.

We’re really excited for your arrival Oreo. I hope you like our vacation as much as I do. Don’t worry baby, we’ll see daddy soon.


Mommy Yemmy


Letter to Oreo: Watermelon Day :)


Dear Oreo,

It’s sunny outside but it’s been raining for quite a while too. Your daddy gave me a spoon and a quarter of watermelon on a plate to eat, and it felt like a good summer day.

See you soon little love,


Letter to Oreo: We got you your Momo


Dear Oreo,

Yesterday your Daddy and I went window shopping in Robinson’s Pioneer. On our way back to the parking lot, we saw this pile of stuffed toys on sale – big white teddies and purple dinosaurs that nobody was really buying. Mommy being mommy, I just had to take a look at some of the fluffiness, and dad came along.

As I was checking out the big white bear, daddy pulled a tiny creamy dog from the pile, and I think I’ve never seen your dad have that look on his face before – he immediately adored the little dog so much. Daddy started to say something about how kids always have something they always hold on to, and he can just imagine you love this little bundle of doggy fluff.

But then daddy returned the little dog to the pile reluctantly, saying it will be a long time before you’d get to play with him. But he had this really cute puppy look on his face, so I said, ‘We can buy it now and keep it for him? See, he’s really just cheap’. ‘But I don’t have any cash with me’, he said. So I said, ‘Then I’ll buy it for you.’ and immediately, his face lighted up like a kid’s, he just looked to thrilled and happy and all.

As we paid for the stuffed puppy, your dad said, ‘Let’s call him Momo’.

And so Momo it is, another someone out here waiting excited to see you.

Love you always baby,


Letter to Oreo: First kick for Daddy

Dear Oreo,

So I woke up your dad in the middle of the night, because you were kicking a lot that time. He was so sleepy but i had him lay his hand on my tummy anyway, and we waited for you to kick. And you did baby – one really strong kick that daddy felt for the very first time.

And it was dark and all so I couldn’t see his face, but I could feel he was so thrilled and happy because he gave us both an extra kiss, and extra I love you’s, and he kept saying how amazed he is that you could kick so hard so early.

Good job baby. Thank you Oreo for bringing so much magic in our lives.

Mommy and Daddy love you.


Cardinal Santos Mother’s class

Today we attended a mother’s class in Cardinal Santos. During my last check-up, my OB mentioned that Cardinal was having their regular mother’s class / hospital tour for free, and invited me to join.

Of course, clueless mom got excited right away! I’ve been dying to find a mommy class to attend since I found out I was pregnant, and the class, basic as it was, didn’t disappoint a first-time mommy class attendee.

The class was held at Cardinal Santos from 8am to 12nn (yes, I know how hard it is for a preggy girl to get up this early, but sometimes, it’s worth the try).

The class basically had four parts:

I. Exercise & Labor

The speaker (sorry I was late so didn’t catch her name, eep) shared different breathing techniques for pushing, for relaxation, and to control yourself when you need to not yet push. She also shared some exercises to help with pain and childbirth, like the pelvic exercise (rock your hips left and right), and Kegel.

II. What To Do After Giving Birth

Officially gone are the days when right after being pulled, the baby is turned upside down, spanked, checked, cleaned and then wheeled out of mother’s sight. At least, this is no longer how it goes in Cardinal.

Now when the baby comes out, the baby is immediately dried, then placed on top of mommy’s belly for precious skin-to-skin contact. This is called “unang yakap”, a law that is now being implemented in delivery rooms all over the country. Baby is then immediately breastfed even before he is cleaned, weighed, and examined thoroughly.

The cord is not cut immediately, but after 1 – 3 minutes when the pulsation has stopped, so the precious blood supply is not cut right away.

Babies are wheeled out of the delivery room in mommy’s arms. They should be fully breastfed within 90 minutes from birth, and not washed for 6 hours when the protective residue of the amniotic fluid is still at work.

And probably the best of all, no more theatrical tapping on the nursery window glass. Baby now rooms in with mommy right after birth!

III. Cord Blood Banking

Cordlife came in to give a talk about cord blood banking. The basic idea is that baby’s umbilical cord is filled with stem cells that can be collected, stored and later on used to cure certain types of diseases that require stem cell treatment.

I’ve been curious about cord blood banking since I first read about it in the internet, so I found the talk interesting. I’ll most probably avail of Cordlife’s service, will you know more about it when I do.

You can read more about cord blood banking with Cordlife here. Stemcord is also another well-known group, you can find them here.

IV. Hospital Tour (my favorite part!!!)

Finally, we had a hospital tour wherein we toured the labor rooms, delivery room and nursery (for sick babies only and for when babies get officially weighed and recorded) of Cardinal Santos. As expected, their facilities are very impressive and quite modern, and it actually made me consider giving birth there instead (I’m planning to deliver in VRP, still need to do more research on this!).

One thing I didn’t quite love about it though, is that birth partners are not allowed in the labor rooms, unless you use the Lamaze room. Otherwise, you only get to have your hubby with you in the delivery room. I really can’t imagine going into labor without my hubby in tow.

However, there was definitely lots of things to love about Cardinal – they’re very strict in implementing “unang yakap”, they’re strong breastfeeding advocates (bottles are not allowed in hospital premises moms!), and from just that mother’s class their team seemed very capable and warm at the same time.

Oh, and we got some freebies too. The event was sponsored by baby & mommy care companies, so we found out some new things about their products, and got quite a number of samples too.

I really recommend attending the mother’s class in Cardinal Santos, especially if you’re sure you’ll give birth there. I think they do it monthly.



Letter to Momo: Our Lovely Baby Boy

Dear Momo,

Today mommy and daddy skipped work to finally have our check up. It was a long wait, in a new hospital, with a clueless technician but guess what? I was so excited I really didn’t mind.

Seeing you again was amazing. I missed you a lot, since it’s been almost three months since we last saw you. And you’re all grown up, so that we could see all the cute features on you little face, how your head is all crammed in a nook of mommy’s belly, and how your left arm is raised all the way up your head held like a pose to show off your little fingers.

Hearing your heartbeat always feels like the first time. I missed you a lot, my little love. And just seeing you wiggle and stir made tears well in my eyes.

Daddy was there too of course, and he held his breath until we finally heard your heartbeat. From there on, we were just thankful that you’re healthy and well, cozy in my belly. But then, we were really excited too, especially when Dr. Dy asked if we’ve guess your gender right.

Of course, only my daddy and yours kept saying you’d be a boy, everyone else guessed girl and pink ribbons. But guess what, as usual, daddy’s right. You’re officially our little baby boy, first born of your generation for both our households.

Oh we’re so excited to see you, our little Momo. We’ll be busy thinking of a new name for you too.

Sleep tight and keep warm and healthy in my tummy, little love.