4D Ultrasound – Oreo’s First Baby Photos from Face2Face


My hubby and I have wanted to have Oreo’s picture taken in 4D for a long time now. But for our past 2 check-ups, he’s been such a camera-shy baby, hiding his face in his hands, so we couldn’t get a good look. But hubby just won’t give up.

So today we went to Face2Face – The Baby Ultrasound Company in The Block, SM North* to try and get his picture taken, and finally, we got it! Our very first photos of his cute chubby face at last!

But being the stubborn chipmunk that he is, he just wouldn’t make it easy. It took us almost four hours to complete the shots, and even in that much time we didn’t get a lot of variety at all. Not that Face2Face didn’t do their best (the doctor was very patient and persistent), but Oreo just kept on sleeping the entire time with his face partially tucked under his hands. Even a dose of Bubble Tea green tea milk shake, extensive walking around the mall, and lots of sweet dried mangoes didn’t manage to perk him up! I guess afternoon naps are really his thing, just like his daddy.

Overall it was still a very wonderful experience to see our baby’s face for the first time, and even now I can’t help but stare at his photo, which is now my wallpaper. It’s something I’d recommend to other first-time moms out there who have a little extra money and lots of time to spend.

Just some tips though –

Have it at the hospital, or at a mall boutique?

We have our regular check-up at VRP, and they do give 4D ultrasound there too (package @ P4,200). We did try to have it done there where we would’ve felt 100% safe about the process, but every time our baby wouldn’t cooperate, and after a few minutes, they’d already call it a day.

Of course I don’t blame the hospital because they really have infinitely more pressing concerns than taking my baby’s first photo (like the queue of another half dozen expecting moms waiting for their check-up, for example).

On the other hand, in Face2Face their business revolves only around taking ultrasound photos, so they were ever so patient in poking and prodding my tummy, sending me out for walks and then jellying my tummy back again until we got enough shots.

Call ahead, sign up early, and don’t come in on a Saturday

We actually went to Face2Face the day before (on a Saturday) and weren’t served at all. We called ahead and the receptionist said the doctor will come in at 3pm, and customers would only be served on a first come first served basis. However when we got there exactly at 3pm the lounge was already full of other pregnant couples, and to our horror we were already #16.

Eventually we decided to just come back the next day. They opened earlier at 1pm, and to our surprise, there was just one other couple already inside.

Have it done when you’re just 24-28 weeks

I was already at 33 weeks when we had it done, so the pictures weren’t as clear as they could have been since baby’s face is already pressed up against my uterus and he didn’t have much room to move anymore. We still got a lot of good photos, but have it earlier just to be sure.

Come with lots of patience

Because we need to stock up on lots of this anyway. And when the doctor sends you out for a 10-minute walk the umpteenth time, you can always go to Baby Company to do your baby register, just as I did.

*About Face2Face – The Baby Ultrasound Company

(this is not a paid entry mommies, just sharing my experience & research)

Branches: The Block, SM North EDSA & SM San Lazaro

Gold 3D/4D package: P3,300 for 1 DVD (for video), 1 CD (photos) and 5 prints which we availed. But you can start with the P1,000 package (photos only) to check baby’s position, and then pay the difference just to be sure.

Contact # (02) 391 3806 – SM North EDSA


Rome Kanapi’s Childbirth Class Day 1


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Today I attended my first Lamaze birth class by Ms. Rome Kanapi. If you browse through my blog you might think I’ve started to become a bit of a mother’s class junkie. Guilty!! Well, what’s a clueless mom to do?

I first learned about Rome’s classes while I was browsing in the internet for search word: “pregnancy/baby classes in Manila”. All my searches led me to the two classes: Rome Kanapi’s Lamaze class, and Chiqui Brosas’ Bradley classes.

I found a lot of helpful tips from other mom bloggers, who put in a good word for both. My OB also basically said I can take either. And then finally, I found a friend of mine who actually took the class – Sarah attended Rome’s class and gave me a glowing review; however she still ended up having a C-section for her first baby, so now she’s looking at taking Chiqui’s classes this time.

Rome Kanapi’s Birth Class Curriculum

Finally I decided to take Rome’s class, mostly just out of gut feel. I also thought maybe her six classes will be easier to digest than Chiqui’s condensed into just four.

Classes are held in Ateneo for 6 consecutive Sundays. Our are from 9am to 12nn, though there are also classes in the afternoon. Fee is P4,500 for the 6 sessions per couple.

Below is Rome’s class curriculum, which we got on the first day. I was really delighted when I saw the last day will be about baby care.

photo (1)

Why take a birth class?

I’m not really planning to give birth medication-free. Maybe I’d change my mind after a few more classes, but right now I’m already scared as it is.

I really just want to have a normal delivery. My mother had all of us three daughters by vaginal birth (all delivered at home too, which makes her even more amazing, but I don’t think that’s recommended). I really want to have the same experience as she did.

Also, I’ve read a lot of studies about the benefits of vaginal birth – that when your baby passes through your birth canal she picks up good bacteria that protects here later on, and other such benefits.

Of course, there are also those hospitals who only allow birth partners inside the delivery room if they have a birth class certificate, so be sure to ask your hospital just to be sure.


Classes start on time. We were just a wee bit late so we picked up our nametags by the door and walked into a comfy semi-circle of other preggy couples, where Ms. Rome was already starting introductions.


The class was informal and very comfortable, and Ms. Rome was very warm, motherly and professional at the same time.

The class went exactly as the curriculum said and I definitely learned a lot, but these were some of the most interesting points of my day:


  • Getting to know other preggy couples. It was really nice meeting other couples who have the same due date – most of us are due June to August, and majority are boys like Oreo! It made me feel a lot less anxious meeting other first-time moms who share the same fears and backaches, who eat more (but healthier, oops) than I do, and who also have the same questions and apprehensions like I do. The mix of good humor and excitement in our group is very infecting too!
  • Hubby should talk to my baby from the lower portion of my belly, so he’d be more encouraged to turn upside down. Rome explained the many different ways our baby can come out depending on his position (orientation of his body) and presentation (which body part comes out first), and which positions would make us more likely to be candidates of a C-section. My baby is still transverse (lying horizontally on my belly) when we had our last check-up, so wish me luck!


  • Mother’s Day Mustela Freebie! Mustela also came in before break and gave a talk about their products. They gave away samples, and since it was Mother’s Day, they gave away FREE full-sized Mustela Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel (worth P1,600)each!

I’m not really a big fan of Mustela since I got a less than stellar experience with their anti-stretchmark cream, but another mom swore by it, so I guess to each her own. I still really appreciate the gesture, and look forward to trying their other products, especially the baby care ones.


  • Exercise & relax your way to a healthy childbirth. Of course this is really what we came for, and we already got down on the floor (including the partners) on that Day 1. The message was simple – stretch, exercise, and Kegel to a better childbirth.
  • Daddy is involved too. My hubby is really excited and supportive – he was even the one who kept reminding me to book a childbirth & prenatal class, so it was good that they were involved as we are during the session. They shared common sentiments about spoiling us girls, and they got their share of relaxation too.

For all clueless moms out there, and even the not so-clueless ones, I really recommend joining Rome’s classes. To join, you can reach her easily via (0917) 541 5114.

You can also learn more about Chiqui Brosas here, or reach her via (0917) 882 4748.


Letter to Oreo: Skipping Lines, Dodging Policemen


Dear Oreo,

Today your Daddy and I went shopping at SM Megamall for our hospital bag checklist. On our way back your dad made a U-turn, and we immediately got flagged down by a policeman.

He said, “Sir, bawal pong mag U-turn dito.” And true enough, there was a no U-turn sign there, daddy just didn’t notice.

As with my other experiences with our street enforcers, I was already wondering how much he’d ask for his ‘midnight coffee’, especially when he said, “Taga san ba kayo? Ah, Pasig, pareho pala tayo e.” But then he peered into the car and saw us, huge belly and all, and he said, “Naku, buntis pala si mam. Sige sir, para di na kayo maabala, ingat n lang.”

And he walked away just like that. You’re some lucky baby aren’t you, love?

I also had a similar experience this week when I strolled in S&R after work. It was lunchtime so there was a long line for check-out. Usually I don’t buy anything because I hate queuing for a long time, but I saw this tub of prunes I just had to have.

I hate cutting lines, but what’s a mommy with swollen feet got to do? So I walked up to the Senior Citizens lane and asked the nice lady if I could pay there, and she said yes. Yay!

Incidentally your dad and I also watched Ironman 3 the other weekend. It was free seating, and there was already a queue when we got there. Basically the same thing happened 🙂 We got in first and got really good seats.

Thanks baby Oreo! You’re already a very big blessing on your own, it’s really just amusing to also get these little perks that make our journey together even a bit more fun.

Love you baby,




Summer, Swimsuit, Seven Months Pregnant

source: swimmingpoolsfyi.devhub.com

source: swimmingpoolsfyi.devhub.com

I went swimming for an hour today after a month of pining for the pool. My hubby and I took advantage of the (relatively) clean pool at the Hampton Gardens. Relatively, because last month there was an entire stretch of weeks when kids & older guests kept pouring in to enjoy the pool during the summer heat. To our horror the water didn’t get changed for a long time so that it turned into a prominent yellow.

That said, we decided that as much as swimming has become my favorite exercise, I just couldn’t risk soaking (and possibly accidentally drinking) from the obviously contaminated pool. Incidentally (?) that’s also around the time I exceeded my weight target.

But just last week the water got changed (though of course ideally, it should get changed EVERY WEEK – because ahem, dear admin, that’s why we pay those dues, you know) so we decided to take a dip. And did that feel good.

So there I was, happily treading the water wearing a very stretched-out one-piece, getting my exercise and cooling away at the same time.  I always feel a lot better in the water, and in my opinion it’s an exercise option every pregnant girl out there should try.

I’d like to share some benefits and tips for swimming when pregnant that I was able to research, with some additions. But you should also check Baby Center (where I copied most of the below items from), and your OB for more info.

BENEFITS of swimming during pregnancy:

1. It’s a total body workout.

Swimming has great cardiovascular benefits, especially for our arms and legs.  Swimming also improves circulation, increases muscle tone and strength, and builds endurance. If you swim, you’ll burn calories, feel less fatigued, sleep better, and cope better with pregnancy’s physical and emotional challenges.

The breast stroke is particularly great in the third trimester, because it works on our chest & back muscles, our two main problem areas during this stage of pregnancy.

2. It’s one of the safest form of exercise.

Swimming is a low-impact sport. The water supports the joints and ligaments as we exercise, preventing injury. And obviously falling on water is usually a lot safer that falling when brisk walking, for example.

Just in case though, I always bring my hubby along so he can watch over me and also shed the extra pounds he’s gained ‘sympathizing’ with me. And of course,  be extra careful of the wet floor, ladies.

3. It makes you feel light & cool at the same time.

Swimming supports our weight on the water so we feel lighter, providing a temporary relief from the strain of carrying around our growing bump 24/7.  My belly actually feels smaller, less tense and lighter under water.

It also protects against overheating, a benefit that I can’t hype enough in this kind of weather.

TIPS for swimming when pregnant:

1. Check with your OB around first

I wasn’t a regular swimmer before I became pregnant – we didn’t have a pool close by where I used to live. But when I asked my OB about it she still said okay, that it would be great as long as I don’t overexert myself.

However, just to be sure, ask.

2. Warm-up

Do a gradual warm-up routine before swimming. Hey, even those who aren’t pregnant should do so.

3. Wear comfy swimwear

Determined as I was to have a babymoon before my third trimester, I went shopping two months ago for some mommy swimwear. Maternity  swimwear is ideal, but the ones I got works well too – secondhand one-piece floral Speedo suits from our local ukay-ukay – snug & comfortable but supportive enough for my growing belly, and at the same time cheap enough so I won’t feel bad not using them again after a few months time.

4. Swim early in the morning

I feel especially great after a good swim in the morning. It is said that swimming early in the morning helps with the nausea especially during the first trimester. And it  also feels much better to swim when the sun is still not too hot.

5. Stay hydrated

Being in water often makes us forget that we still need to drink water. Always bring a water bottle with you, and drink at least every 20 minutes, and then again after.

6. Keep to clean pools

As much as swimming feels good, always keep to clean pools to stay away from contracting allergies and infections. Be judgmental especially of public pools.

7. Bring a companion

It’s fun, it’s safer, and I always get a warm kilig feeling when my very manly 5’11” hubby does preggy-style water calisthenics with me.

8. Don’t over exert yourself

As with all things, swim in moderation.

9. Watch other swimmers

This is not a joke. Especially when you’re in a public pool, you need to be very careful  of other swimmers hitting your baby bump. Keep your distance, and wear goggles so you see where you’re going.

10. Watch the wet floor

No dive-bombing either.

Lastly, have fun!

SOURCE: Baby Center

I’m not very good with citing sources, so I will just hereby declare here that most of the credible-sounding tips & things cited above are most likely lifted from the declared source above. Please forgive me.