Rome Kanapi’s Childbirth Class Day 1


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Today I attended my first Lamaze birth class by Ms. Rome Kanapi. If you browse through my blog you might think I’ve started to become a bit of a mother’s class junkie. Guilty!! Well, what’s a clueless mom to do?

I first learned about Rome’s classes while I was browsing in the internet for search word: “pregnancy/baby classes in Manila”. All my searches led me to the two classes: Rome Kanapi’s Lamaze class, and Chiqui Brosas’ Bradley classes.

I found a lot of helpful tips from other mom bloggers, who put in a good word for both. My OB also basically said I can take either. And then finally, I found a friend of mine who actually took the class – Sarah attended Rome’s class and gave me a glowing review; however she still ended up having a C-section for her first baby, so now she’s looking at taking Chiqui’s classes this time.

Rome Kanapi’s Birth Class Curriculum

Finally I decided to take Rome’s class, mostly just out of gut feel. I also thought maybe her six classes will be easier to digest than Chiqui’s condensed into just four.

Classes are held in Ateneo for 6 consecutive Sundays. Our are from 9am to 12nn, though there are also classes in the afternoon. Fee is P4,500 for the 6 sessions per couple.

Below is Rome’s class curriculum, which we got on the first day. I was really delighted when I saw the last day will be about baby care.

photo (1)

Why take a birth class?

I’m not really planning to give birth medication-free. Maybe I’d change my mind after a few more classes, but right now I’m already scared as it is.

I really just want to have a normal delivery. My mother had all of us three daughters by vaginal birth (all delivered at home too, which makes her even more amazing, but I don’t think that’s recommended). I really want to have the same experience as she did.

Also, I’ve read a lot of studies about the benefits of vaginal birth – that when your baby passes through your birth canal she picks up good bacteria that protects here later on, and other such benefits.

Of course, there are also those hospitals who only allow birth partners inside the delivery room if they have a birth class certificate, so be sure to ask your hospital just to be sure.


Classes start on time. We were just a wee bit late so we picked up our nametags by the door and walked into a comfy semi-circle of other preggy couples, where Ms. Rome was already starting introductions.


The class was informal and very comfortable, and Ms. Rome was very warm, motherly and professional at the same time.

The class went exactly as the curriculum said and I definitely learned a lot, but these were some of the most interesting points of my day:


  • Getting to know other preggy couples. It was really nice meeting other couples who have the same due date – most of us are due June to August, and majority are boys like Oreo! It made me feel a lot less anxious meeting other first-time moms who share the same fears and backaches, who eat more (but healthier, oops) than I do, and who also have the same questions and apprehensions like I do. The mix of good humor and excitement in our group is very infecting too!
  • Hubby should talk to my baby from the lower portion of my belly, so he’d be more encouraged to turn upside down. Rome explained the many different ways our baby can come out depending on his position (orientation of his body) and presentation (which body part comes out first), and which positions would make us more likely to be candidates of a C-section. My baby is still transverse (lying horizontally on my belly) when we had our last check-up, so wish me luck!


  • Mother’s Day Mustela Freebie! Mustela also came in before break and gave a talk about their products. They gave away samples, and since it was Mother’s Day, they gave away FREE full-sized Mustela Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel (worth P1,600)each!

I’m not really a big fan of Mustela since I got a less than stellar experience with their anti-stretchmark cream, but another mom swore by it, so I guess to each her own. I still really appreciate the gesture, and look forward to trying their other products, especially the baby care ones.


  • Exercise & relax your way to a healthy childbirth. Of course this is really what we came for, and we already got down on the floor (including the partners) on that Day 1. The message was simple – stretch, exercise, and Kegel to a better childbirth.
  • Daddy is involved too. My hubby is really excited and supportive – he was even the one who kept reminding me to book a childbirth & prenatal class, so it was good that they were involved as we are during the session. They shared common sentiments about spoiling us girls, and they got their share of relaxation too.

For all clueless moms out there, and even the not so-clueless ones, I really recommend joining Rome’s classes. To join, you can reach her easily via (0917) 541 5114.

You can also learn more about Chiqui Brosas here, or reach her via (0917) 882 4748.


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