4D Ultrasound – Oreo’s First Baby Photos from Face2Face


My hubby and I have wanted to have Oreo’s picture taken in 4D for a long time now. But for our past 2 check-ups, he’s been such a camera-shy baby, hiding his face in his hands, so we couldn’t get a good look. But hubby just won’t give up.

So today we went to Face2Face – The Baby Ultrasound Company in The Block, SM North* to try and get his picture taken, and finally, we got it! Our very first photos of his cute chubby face at last!

But being the stubborn chipmunk that he is, he just wouldn’t make it easy. It took us almost four hours to complete the shots, and even in that much time we didn’t get a lot of variety at all. Not that Face2Face didn’t do their best (the doctor was very patient and persistent), but Oreo just kept on sleeping the entire time with his face partially tucked under his hands. Even a dose of Bubble Tea green tea milk shake, extensive walking around the mall, and lots of sweet dried mangoes didn’t manage to perk him up! I guess afternoon naps are really his thing, just like his daddy.

Overall it was still a very wonderful experience to see our baby’s face for the first time, and even now I can’t help but stare at his photo, which is now my wallpaper. It’s something I’d recommend to other first-time moms out there who have a little extra money and lots of time to spend.

Just some tips though –

Have it at the hospital, or at a mall boutique?

We have our regular check-up at VRP, and they do give 4D ultrasound there too (package @ P4,200). We did try to have it done there where we would’ve felt 100% safe about the process, but every time our baby wouldn’t cooperate, and after a few minutes, they’d already call it a day.

Of course I don’t blame the hospital because they really have infinitely more pressing concerns than taking my baby’s first photo (like the queue of another half dozen expecting moms waiting for their check-up, for example).

On the other hand, in Face2Face their business revolves only around taking ultrasound photos, so they were ever so patient in poking and prodding my tummy, sending me out for walks and then jellying my tummy back again until we got enough shots.

Call ahead, sign up early, and don’t come in on a Saturday

We actually went to Face2Face the day before (on a Saturday) and weren’t served at all. We called ahead and the receptionist said the doctor will come in at 3pm, and customers would only be served on a first come first served basis. However when we got there exactly at 3pm the lounge was already full of other pregnant couples, and to our horror we were already #16.

Eventually we decided to just come back the next day. They opened earlier at 1pm, and to our surprise, there was just one other couple already inside.

Have it done when you’re just 24-28 weeks

I was already at 33 weeks when we had it done, so the pictures weren’t as clear as they could have been since baby’s face is already pressed up against my uterus and he didn’t have much room to move anymore. We still got a lot of good photos, but have it earlier just to be sure.

Come with lots of patience

Because we need to stock up on lots of this anyway. And when the doctor sends you out for a 10-minute walk the umpteenth time, you can always go to Baby Company to do your baby register, just as I did.

*About Face2Face – The Baby Ultrasound Company

(this is not a paid entry mommies, just sharing my experience & research)

Branches: The Block, SM North EDSA & SM San Lazaro

Gold 3D/4D package: P3,300 for 1 DVD (for video), 1 CD (photos) and 5 prints which we availed. But you can start with the P1,000 package (photos only) to check baby’s position, and then pay the difference just to be sure.

Contact # (02) 391 3806 – SM North EDSA


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