Childbirth Class Day 5 – Complications, Drugs & C-Section

Today was all about complications, C-section and medications. It can get quite scary just talking about the many things that can go wrong, but as they say, knowing is half the battle.

It’s a good thing to know that not all complications call for a C-section; sometimes a natural birth is still possible. We plotted them out like this:


At the end of the class, most of us agreed that we will all try our best to give birth naturally without epidural. Good luck to us!

Today we were also missing something we’ve always had since Day 1 – our name tags! Ms. Rome challenged us to remember each other’s names last meeting, and today she made us identify our classmates one by one.

Since I’m really bad with names I already had a hard time just remembering everyone’s first names. However,as always, Mr. Hubby had a 1UP plan – when it was his turn he named almost everyone by their first AND surnames! So proud of you, hubby! Because of that we won yet another prize – a pack of Chino Pino pre-folded diapers!


TALK of the DAY!

Of course the class ended with anohter talk, this time from Ms. Honey of Huggies. It was actually my first time to touch a wet nappy, and I was surprised by the cold gel-like feel to it.

In the end we each got 2 packs of Huggies newborn nappies. I must say, it looked pretty convincing to me, but what do I know? I’ll definitely give it a try and probably write a diaper review when baby arrives. So excited!



Ms. Rome also told us to google “Priscilla Dunstan’s baby language”, which interprets babies’ different cries. Here’s a link to her Oprah episode. Basically it says that 0-3 month babies all have a universal secret language, and they’re basically telling us 5 things:

“neh” – hungry
“owh” – sleepy
“heh” – discomfort
“eair” – lower gas
“eh” – burp


And finally, just to share some of my notes on today’s topics,



One of the things I asked my OB is, “What if I still haven’t popped at 40 weeks?” Well, she said that by that time I’d already have to be induced.

During our class, a postmature baby is actually defined as one who hasn’t popped beyond 42 weeks. By this time a lot of things can go wrong – meconium stain (baby can poop inside the tummy), he can contract pneumonia, or grow so much bigger, etc.

When this happens, they can give you drugs to induce labor, but it can also be DIY – via a lot of walking, driving around bumpy roads, or even sex.

Yup, sex actually induces labor, but not because the main reason is not the rigorious activity or the position, but actually the prostaglandin in a male semen. Trivia for the day alert!


This time baby is under under 37 weeks, so he’s still not fully developed, especially his lungs.

Prolapsed cord

When the cord detaches while the baby is still inside, it calls for emergency C-section. This usually happens when the water breaks and the cord detaches and goes down first.

Other Cord Problems

Like when the cord loops around the baby, or when the cord is too short, keeping baby from getting out.

Placenta Abruptio

Like prolapsed cord, when the placenta detaches while baby is still inside the tummy, baby loses his life support system so this calls for C-section also.


When a mom has herpes the baby is at risk of picking up the disease from the birth canal.

Placenta previa

There are three types of previa – when the placenta s just low lying, or when it is partially or completely covering the cervix, blocking the baby.

Meconium stain

When baby poops inside, which can be toxic for both baby and mom.

Preeclampsia / Eclempsia

High blood pressure, swollen feet, extreme body temperature, or in extreme cases, having seizures and severe drop in the levle of amniotic fluid.

Face-brow Orientation

When baby present himself face first.


When mommy’s pelvis is too small.

C-section is a 10cm cut (eep, got more info on advanced methods with smaller cuts, anyone?), which can be done horizontally – Bikini Cut, or vertically – Classical Cut.

For moms who want to try for vaginal birth after C-section, or wear a two-piece again, the Bikini Cut is recommended.


There are 3 types – local (for episiotomy), regional (epidural, or spinal to numb a certain region), or general (which knocks both mommy and baby out completely).

On drugs I didn’t take much notes, but the handouts pretty much covered everything.

– end of notes-

Next week is our last week! I’m excited that the weeks are passing so quickly, but I’m sad at the same time that we’re going to go our separate ways again after sharing Sunday mornings for more than a month.


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