When It Rains It Baby Showers I – Reunion with College Friends

The rainy season has begun, and this week it has finally started raining in earnest! I’ve always hated the heat, and especially now that I’m pregnant and always feel overheated, I really look forward to cooler weather.

But this week, each rainy evening brought not only soothing rain showers, but also good friends and buddies from years back.

Today I had my second baby shower – this time with my good friends from college, most of whom I haven’t seen for quite some time (read, last seen years back). In fact, I wasn’t expecting this group at all – I thought it would just be a few friends from my org, but when I finally got to open the Facebook invite I was very pleasantly surprised that my batchmates & review schoolmates would also be there! It was one happy college reunion indeed.

Unfortunately for us the rain really poured with a vengeance that night. Fortunately, it takes more than that to keep us apart. And lucky Oreo, because despite the downpour there weren’t much cars or flood on the streets, which was actually a bit wierd.

The venue was the quaint Epic Cafe at East Capitol. Hubby and I arrived a bit late, but so did the other half of the party.

Honestly it was more of a reunion for us than a baby shower. The agenda was around 20% Oreo and 80% friends catching up. There was no program – or rather, they planned for one, with someone suspiciously carrying Dr. P adult diapers, but in the hustle bustle of people arriving and giving each other bear hugs they just gave up.

It took us about an hour to get over taking group photos, and another to fill in each other with updates on our lives. I also got to introduce Hubby to them finally, and since one of us was a newly minted lawyer, we even got free legal advice!

In the end I’m just really very grateful to baby Oreo for getting us together in that cafe on such a rainy night; I can’t imagine how else we could’ve pulled everyone out from their busy lives and take time to catch up.

And as icing to the cake, we got two big gifts for baby Oreo! The First Years Close and Secure Baby Sleeper and the Chicco Baby Trainer Ergo Gym, both perfect for keeping Oreo safe & snug while we hang out in the house for the months to come. Oh, and I got to keep the pack of Dr. P!



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