Letter to Hubby: Happy Father’s Day

Dear Hubby,
(Oreo’s daddy-to-be)

I can’t officially greet you Happy Father’s Day yet
but I still want to thank you now for all the great things you’ve done as a Hubby and father-to-be,

Thanks love,

For always letting me sleep an extra hour past the alarm,
For getting up two hours earlier to make breakfast,
For waking me up gently with a ‘Good morning baby, how are you & Oreo?’
Instead of ‘Get up, we’re late again’, because we really are,
For driving me to work everyday,
For letting me sleep a bit more in the car on the way,
For eating the occasional burnt tocino/daing/pancakes I make,
For thanking me with a kiss anyway,
For policing my carbs & sugar intake,
For getting me a sans rival at 9pm,
For calling me sexy despite all the weight I’ve gained,
For babysitting me in the pool every weekend,
For going with me to every baby shower, mommy class, and baby sale,
For being genuinely excited about them,
For rubbing my back when it hurts,
For rubbing my feet when they hurt,
For saying nice things when I go under the weather,
For tucking me to bed when I can’t sleep,
For doing your best to soothe my aches and fears,
For always being strong for us three,
For being always sure, sensible and steady,
And for being always caring, kind and understanding.

Thank you, love.
Next year Oreo & I will make you a Father’s Day card.


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