What was in my Hospital Bag (or should’ve been)


I initially packed my hospital bag as baby bag & mommy bag, but then I realized hubby might have a hard time lugging around 2 big bags at the same time so I repacked them as Bag A (labor & delivery bag) and Bag B (recovery & rooming in bag).

Items that are struck through are things l brought but did not use, while items in italics l wish l did bring.

Word to the wise, you don’t want hubby going out a lot & leaving you to get stuff, so it will be nice to bring as much as you think you need, have help around, or ask visitors to pick up a few things (& meals) on their way.
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Letter to Oreo: Pooping in the Bath

Dear Oreo,

The title says it all.

I was behind schedule today. We took a nap at midmorning, and before I knew it it was already 12 noon. I rushed to bathe, then fixed everything we needed for your bath.

It was all going so well – in fact, this was only the second time ever that you did not cry when l washed your face. Then I proceeded to wash your hands – still no reaction. Then I opened your diaper, and as expected it was really wet, but there wasn’t much poop in there.

I should have known. You were giving me this all too familiar look of concentration, and you were making these wheezy grunting sounds.

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My Birth Story: Hello Baby Oreo!

Since l took my leave of absence, the wait for Oreo to arrive felt like forever. So when l started to have regular contractions, l thought I was more than ready. Boy, was I wrong.

This is basically what happened:

July 8

1:00 pm  Contractions every 15mins
3:00 pm  Contractions every 5-7mins
3:30 pm  Bloody discharge, advised by OB to go to Cardinal Santos
6:00 pm  IE at 3cm, mild contractions still at 5min intervals;
went out for a walk & dinner @ Banapple
9:00 pm   As advised went back to Cardinal Santos;
lE still at 3cm but stronger contractions
admitted to private room
11:00 pm Given IV and painkillers

July 9
8:00  am  Given primrose oil to soften cervix
12:00 nn  IE at 5cm, strong contractions;
Transferred to Lamaze room;
given epidural
5:00 pm   IE at 8cm; baby’s head already visible;
Started pushing
5:37pm    Baby is delivered -7.6 pounds & 19.7 inches!
Unang yakap & successful latch
Daddy cuts umbilical cord
6:30pm    Transferred to recovery room
8:30pm    Transferred to private room w/ baby

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