Letter to Oreo: Denim Chucks & Feeding Marathons

Day 4 – July 13 2013

Dear Oreo,

Tita Grace finally dropped by today and brought you a present  – an adorable pair of baby blue denim chucks ♡She was so thrilled to see you, and like Tita Fichi she also had a hard time keeping her hands off.


Also, after 4 days of taking care of us, Lolo and Lola left this afternoon. They’re going back to Mindoro tommorow and they’ll surely miss you. We’ll miss them too, especially since they really helped us a lot to feel better – putting us to nap, giving us warm baths, and feeding us well to ensure we have enough excessive milk supply.


When they’ve all left, you were quite fussy at first, so we ended up doing a 2-hour feeding marathon until my nips were sore. But when you cried for the Nth time, daddy tried again  -he picked you up and patted your back and you went, “Burp! Burp!” then you went straight to sleep.

After that it was quite a peaceful day. While Mommy was in the washroom, daddy got you to stop crying immediately by giving you a grand tour of the house. He was saying things like, “This is the kitchen where you’ll learn how to be a cook one day”, or “This is the bedroom, where most of the action happens ♡”.


But before sleeping, you and daddy gave me a lesson on diaper changing. Daddy usually  changes your nappies, but this time when you pooped daddy made me do it -and what a sticky mess it was! I even got some on your shirt & booties. Sorry baby! But just minutes after l’ve cleaned you up you did another #2, so we had to do it all over again.

You slept beside me a lot this evening love. It seems we both sleep better side-lying, and more than once l woke up to the tugging feeling of you feeding.

Love you little dove,


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