What was in my Hospital Bag (or should’ve been)


I initially packed my hospital bag as baby bag & mommy bag, but then I realized hubby might have a hard time lugging around 2 big bags at the same time so I repacked them as Bag A (labor & delivery bag) and Bag B (recovery & rooming in bag).

Items that are struck through are things l brought but did not use, while items in italics l wish l did bring.

Word to the wise, you don’t want hubby going out a lot & leaving you to get stuff, so it will be nice to bring as much as you think you need, have help around, or ask visitors to pick up a few things (& meals) on their way.

HOSPITAL BAG A (Labor & Delivery)

Vanity Kit
– Toothpaste
– Toothbrush (yours & hubby’s)
– Facial wash
– Shaving kit (for hubby)
– Soap
– Deodorant (yours & hubby’s)
– Lotion
– Baby oil
– Conditioner
– Shampoo
– Shower Cap (l only had sponge baths at the hospital and only with mom’s help, was too sore to shower)
acetone (nail polish was not allowed in our delivery room)

Medicine Kit
– Betadine (important!!!)
– Glasses
– Contact lens container
– Contact lens Fluid
– Pau
– White Flower
– Cotton
– Cotton container
– Alcohol (bring a big one for cleaning up discharge, for your sponge bath, and as hand sanitizer for visitors)
– Wet tissue (a big box, for when you make a mess of yourself)

Comfort kit
– Jelly Ace
– Cookies & a muffin
– Blanket
– Underpads (at least four)
– Bottle of drinking water (a big one)

Mommy stuff
– Slippers
– Socks
– Dress (you’ll be made to change in hospital gown upon check-in)
Dressing Gown (for when you can still stand up and walk around, to cover your flimsy hospital gown)
– Underwear (at least 2)

– Chargers
– Phones
– Camera (if you still have one)

– Admitting Orders
– Birth Plan
– Personal Info Sheet
– Philhealth CF1 & Proof of Contribution
– Letter of Guarantee (from company / insurance if applicable)
– Marriage Certificate
– Lamaze certificate

Cordlife kit (if you’re having baby’s cord blood banked, just hand it over during delivery)

HOSPITAL BAG B (Recovery & Rooming In)

Dad stuff (let him pack his own stuff)
– Undies (2)
– Shorts (1)
– Shirt (2)
– Bath towel

Mom stuff
– Shirts/ Dresses (at least 2 for when you tire of hospital gowns)
– Leggings (1-2 to keep your shaking legs warm)
– Going home outfit
– Adult diapers ( a pack for the first day)
– Maxi sanitary pads (a pack for the next 2 days)
– Undies (2-3)
– Nursing bra (2-3)
– Nursing pads (2-3 pairs)
– Towel (for sponge bath)
– Belly band
– Breastfeeding cover
Breast pump (In case baby’s lazy at latching, pump so your milk comes in earlier)
– Nipple Cream (important!!!)
Virgin coconut oil (for breast & body massage)

Baby stuff
(hospital usually provides a starter kit, but better be prepared than sorry)
– Wash & Creams kit (I just brought the Mustela samples we got in class)
– Diapers (a pack)

Baby clothes
– Swaddle (1)
– Bonnet (4)
– Mittens & booties (4 pairs)
– Burp cloths (4)
– Hooded Towels (2)
– Receiving blankets (4)
– Baby tie side shirts w/ sleeves (4)
– Going home outfit

For Visitors
– Nescafe 3in1, Milo & styrofoam cups (for you too)
– Hand sanitizer
Face masks (you won’t like the nth visitor breathing down / kissing your newborn)


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