Mommy Nightmare #1: Cutting Baby’s Fingernails


This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Imagine a newborn’s finger, smaller than the circumference of half a pencil, and the fingernail on it just about a tenth of a 25 centavo coin, nestled on soft pink baby flesh. The mere thought of holding nail clippers close to his hands make me cringe, but the task is long overdue.

Babies start growing fingernails while they’re still inside the tummy. By the time they come out their nails are already long and albeit soft, can already scratch their face pretty bad. By their third week (aka now) They’re already dangerously sharp and can be felt even through their mittens. Well, technically it shouldn’t have come to this point, but l summoned the courage to clip Oreo’s fingernails only today (oopsie).

Oreo has this go-to-hell-world-I’m-sleeping mode every afternoon – whatever we do, be it offer a nipple, shake him or tickle his toes, he’d keep his eyes decidedly shut. Well, l thought I’d clip his nails while he’s in deep sleep – sounds like a good l just ended up finding out exactly how to rouse him from his nap – he cried violently every time l touched the nail clippers on his fingertips.

Eventually, after putting him to sleep for the third time, l tried clipping his nails right after sleeping -when he’s still dozing off and curled up against my tummy. And it was a success! After a very tense few minutes all fingernails were clipped, plus his big toenails to boot. They’re still rough-ish though, but afternoon of on-and-off sleep & crying, no way in hell will l start filing his nails now.

Maybe, I’ll get his Daddy to do it, tehe.




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