Packing for Baby

I consider myself a good packer. I’m redundant and efficient at the same time. Because it’s me, I always forget a thing or two, but overall I always pack everything you can think of needing within the prescribed luggage limit, plus enough stuff for an extra day or two just in case.

But this was really put to the test when I packed for our first trip with baby Oreo last week – at one point I seriously considered packing our full-sized Chicco sterilizer!

But after a sleepless night (I started packing at 6pm, slept late, then repacked everything in my dreams and the following morning) I was able to pack well within our luggage limit, and I didn’t forget a thing!

Trip: Bohol

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Lodging: Bolod Beachfront Hotel – small cottage only

Baby’s Bags: 1 check-in luggage and 2 hand-carry bags


Bag A – Daily Baby Bag

This is what I usually bring for baby when we step out of the house for check-up or to go to the mall. It contains the basic essentials to survive for the day.

I use a large Longchamp with bag organizer.

Portable Changing Kit, inside which are 2 diapers, some cotton squares & buds,alcohol, hand sanitizer
• 2 extra diapers
• Wet wipes
• 2 receiving blankets
• 4 handtowels of different sizes
Extra clothes, one each of onesie, overall, sando, bonnet, mittens & booties
• Manzanilla, baby tempra, digital thermometer, insect patch, and for the trip, decongestant
• Feeding bottle with fresh breastmilk
• Popo, his toy dog
• Nursing Cover
Drinking water for mommy, or for when baby needs washing
• Extra shirt for mommy
• Extra disposable breast pads


Bag B – Medela Breastpump Bag

• Breastpump
• 3 Feeding Bottles
• 3 milk storage bottles, filled with chilled fresh breastmilk and placed inside –
• 1 insulated pouch with ice pack
2 Dr. Brown microwavable plastic steam sterilizer

This is my Eureka item for the trip! I just filled the microwavable plastic with washed bottles & pump parts, added potable water, popped it in the hotel microwave for 3min. and it was good to go! I’ll write a separate review for this later.


Bag C – Beach Trip Bag

This is where I put all the stuff I didn’t need for the trip from home to our hotel. I used a rolling Delsey bag that’s small enough to be hand-carried, although I checked this one in.


Minus the padding, and the hard moulded plastic frame, which I replaced with hard plastic packaging of his Pigeon bottle so it would stand butvwithout the bulk

I know, I know, this is probably overboard. But we booked a simple hotel and I wanted to make sure baby has somewhere 100% sure mite-free to sleep in. As it turned out the hotel room was good, but we still used it anyway.

• 15 disposable diapers
• 6 pairs each of booties, mittens, and bonnet
2 receiving blankets, one which doubled as his co-sleeper’s padding
2 towels, one for bath and one for the beach
• 6 handtowels
• 6 washcloths
• a wad of cotton squares
a sunhat and a cap

I got the UPV 50+ flaphat from TasteCentral for P590 – delivered overnight instead of the stated 3days. The cap I got from SM Infants section for P125.

• Chicco 50+ SPF sunblock
• Dove baby bath soap in an Avent cup container
• a bottle of alcohol
• a sponge & bottle cleanser
• 4 sandos
• 3 onesies
• 2 porma shirts
• 1 black leggings
• 1 jumper
• 4 footed overalls, for sleeping & travel
black leggings

I got the leggings from SM Infants section. I wanted my baby boy to wear his super cool Gingersnaps shirts for which he was big enough, but he was still too small for his pants, and I’m not buying him baby jeans that he’ll grow out of in a month’s time.

So I got a plain pair of black leggings – I wanted dark blue but they didn’t have plain ones. Daddy was (understandably) dubious at first to let his son wear leggings, but it was thick enough, and it was big so that it didn’t cling to his legs but just wrinkled around his ankles. Paired with a striped collared balck & white shirt, I think my baby ended up looking like a very maporma French baby.

As I said, I tend to overpack especially if I’m doing/going somwhere for the first time, and we decided to not let my baby swim but just wiggle his toes on the sand and the water, so the extra towel and the Chicco, plus a few of his clothes & booties were left unused.

Baby stuff in my bag

• Bayer insect killer spray
An electric kettle

The hotel had one in the common area only, so we brought one to heat baby’s baths, thaw his milk, and of course, for our coffee

What we borrowed from the hotel

• A huge washbasin, where we bathed baby
• Microwave use
• Refrigerator use, to store excess breastmilk and freeze the ice pack

That’s about it. The rest of our bags were already our stuff, and overall our luggage for 3 people and a baby weighed in at 32kg vs. our 45kg allowance.

On our next trip, I’d definitely limit our luggage to 30kg, and depending on the hotel, I may not bring the co-sleeper and percolator anymore. But I’m already excited to pack dry fit swimwer and floaters for my baby next time!

How about you? How do you pack for your baby?

Oreo with his lola at the airport


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