Letter to Oreo: A Malunggay Binge

Dear Oreocakes,

I’m stressed about your recent milk intake. You’re becoming a big boy so fast, but I was still surprised when your milk intake jumped from 18oz daily to 30oz for 12hr period. Yes baby, that much. While I’m used to setting aside a 6oz bag of excess milk in the freezer daily, the past two days I find myself watching the ref to check if there’s still any chilled milk left. Uh-oh, wala na naman?! Time to pump!

I had malunggay cookies and chips – one from Bohol and the latter, Tagaytay – I set aside supposedly for future use, but now the cookies are gone and the chips bag is half empty. Hindi naman nagpapanic si mommy.

But don’t worry baby,we still have milk stash with lola, and whatever happens, I’ll do my best to deliver my promise to breastfeed you until you’re two. So just sit tight love, drink all the milk you want and let mommy do her pumping.


your Mommy Yemmy


Battle of the Bottles

In a perfect world, I’ll never have to wean baby to the bottle. I’d nurse him directly until he’s two, or even longer if he wants to. But I have a job that we couldn’t do without as of the moment, so the journey to find the right bottle began.

He was 6 weeks before we seriously tried to introduce to him the bottle. Before then we only toyed with bottles when I was dead tired or we were feeling adventurous. Some days he took them and some days he didn’t. Always, he only drank 3oz at most, but we didn’t really mind; we were latching perfectly and I was enjoying our intimate bonding sessions.

However, when we made the bottle a regular occurence, the resistance began.

We started bottlefeeding him once a day at first, then increased the stretch of time when I would hole myself away from him. But the amount of milk he would take from the bottle didn’t change. Yes, we even tried having yaya give only the bottle from 8am to 5pm for several days, hoping that he’ll accept the bottle when he starves, but even then he would only drink the bare minimum to ease his hunger until the next time we breastfeed.

He looked so kawawa, crying fitfully all day until he exhausted his yaya, and then he’d smile so pitifully when I finally cuddle him and offer my breast. It was a tedious and exhausting process for hubby and his yaya, for me it was heart-breaking.

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Packing for Baby

I consider myself a good packer. I’m redundant and efficient at the same time. Because it’s me, I always forget a thing or two, but overall I always pack everything you can think of needing within the prescribed luggage limit, plus enough stuff for an extra day or two just in case.

But this was really put to the test when I packed for our first trip with baby Oreo last week – at one point I seriously considered packing our full-sized Chicco sterilizer!

But after a sleepless night (I started packing at 6pm, slept late, then repacked everything in my dreams and the following morning) I was able to pack well within our luggage limit, and I didn’t forget a thing!

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Letter to Oreo: A Bad Night’s Sleep

Good morning Oreo baby,

Last night was not one of our best nights. You cried a lot in the wee hours of the morning, which you haven’t done since a week after you were born.

You’ve actually been a very very nice baby, especially at night. You’d fuss a bit before bedtime, but once we get you to that sweet sleepy spot, you’d wake up only at 2am to feed, then 4am, and fall right back to sleep. And once you hit 2 months you settled for just a 4am nursing. Yup, we are the stuff of envy of a lot of other new parents.

But last night was different, and it really worried me. What was wrong baby love? Why did you cry non stop for almost an hour? Were you just gassy, hungry, or sleepy but you couldn’t find your sweet spot, or all of those three? Eventually, you settled on my thighs and held on tightly to my thumbs while daddy fed you, and drifted off to sleep on my shoulder, and then your dad’s. So it was still a happy ending after all, and we were all just left a few hours short of sleep.
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My Breastfeeding Journey Part 2: 10 Things in My Breastfeeding Armory

When I first decided to breastfeed, I envisioned cuddling a warm, ruddy-faced, milk-drunk baby. I didn’t plan for leaky boobs and messy burpings. But I was determined to breastfeed, so I put together an arsenal of tools to get us through our 10-12 times of nursing daily:


1. Nursing Pillow

Bloom Nursing Pillow, gift from baby shower

A lifesaver during the first two weeks when I felt so sore I could hardly lift my baby. It saved me from doing a lot of heavy baby lifting and allows for cuddling for hours without resulting to muscle pain.
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Maternity Leave Musings

Tomorrow marks Oreo’s second month. It also means that 2/3 of my maternity leave has already passed – only one more month now and I’ll be back to work.

Before I gave birth I had such different expectations about what I would be doing during my 3-month leave. I thought I’d have so much time to myself that I can do anything and everything to straighten out my lifeĀ  & more – while my baby naps on my SaYa carrier, I will work, clean, become a skilled wifey, write, draw, take online courses, start a business, exercise, and still have time for endless nap myself.

But as it turns out, 2 months has come & gone, and everyday I still barely have time to shower & wolf down my lunch before I have to attend to my little one again. And that’s already with the yaya acting as household help, taking most of the cooking & cleaning duties off my hands.

So much for getting this done.

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