Baby Shower with the Superstars

Today was a fun- filled Saturday of games, gifts, and good wishes, and also a first for all of us who’ve never been to a baby shower before. Today Oreo was welcomed by his titos and titas as a baby Superstar 🌟!


As the youngest in our Nestlé batch, I’m pretty sure no one expected to be throwing me a baby shower first, but they did a really great job at, especially our lovely host. Of course Hubby was also there along with our other significant others.

We started off some food – Shakey’s pizza & mojos, salad greens, lovely home-baked lasagna, really good cheesecake, some Iko’s cupcakes that we brought and some drinks, and I admit that even if I’m already supposed to be watching my weight already, I helped myself to everything except the cupcakes and soda (sorry, Oreo).

Then came the games. The first one was we had to guess which baby pic is who, and after some head-scratching, we scored perfect! Yep, we’re competitive like that!

The second one was even more fun – we had the guys including Hubby drink fresh milk from feeding bottles! I guess it was a lot harder than it looked because they were all struggling to suck, but eventually the boys got the idea and bit the nipples.

We also had our photos taken, then our host made the boys line up and make faces representing the 9 months of pregnancy – from sex face until birth!



Then came early Christmas. There’s only one thing more fun than shopping for baby stuff – getting them for free, all wrapped up in pastel gift wraps. I made a registry a few weeks back at Baby Company at SM North EDSA The Block, and it took me a lot of effort to keep myself from buying the things I just registered for.



Here’s a list of the things I got from my Superstar batchmates, waaaaaaaayyy more than I expected to get in one baby shower. I even got a baby showcase from just one person – 5 items in just one box!

  • The First Years Deluxe Fold & Go portable changing kit
  • Beco Bloom Bag Organizer
  • Bloom Nursing Pillow Blue
  • Summer Swaddle Me
  • Chicco Sterilizer
  • Crystal Living Case
  • Nursing Feeding Wrap Cover
  • Owen Starter Set Towel
  • Bamboo pocket diaper
  • Rubber sheet
  • 4pc feeding bottles Newborn Starter Set
  • 4bottles Gerber
  • Superstar onesie!

  • Even until now, I’m still a bit unsure if all baby showers go like this, if my batchmates just got too shopping-happy for their first baby shower, or they’ll really just a generous lot. Most likely the last two combined, and I’m not complaining!


    Thanks Superstars! 🌟