Letter to Oreo: A Malunggay Binge

Dear Oreocakes,

I’m stressed about your recent milk intake. You’re becoming a big boy so fast, but I was still surprised when your milk intake jumped from 18oz daily to 30oz for 12hr period. Yes baby, that much. While I’m used to setting aside a 6oz bag of excess milk in the freezer daily, the past two days I find myself watching the ref to check if there’s still any chilled milk left. Uh-oh, wala na naman?! Time to pump!

I had malunggay cookies and chips – one from Bohol and the latter, Tagaytay – I set aside supposedly for future use, but now the cookies are gone and the chips bag is half empty. Hindi naman nagpapanic si mommy.

But don’t worry baby,we still have milk stash with lola, and whatever happens, I’ll do my best to deliver my promise to breastfeed you until you’re two. So just sit tight love, drink all the milk you want and let mommy do her pumping.


your Mommy Yemmy