Letter to Oreo: A Malunggay Binge

Dear Oreocakes,

I’m stressed about your recent milk intake. You’re becoming a big boy so fast, but I was still surprised when your milk intake jumped from 18oz daily to 30oz for 12hr period. Yes baby, that much. While I’m used to setting aside a 6oz bag of excess milk in the freezer daily, the past two days I find myself watching the ref to check if there’s still any chilled milk left. Uh-oh, wala na naman?! Time to pump!

I had malunggay cookies and chips – one from Bohol and the latter, Tagaytay – I set aside supposedly for future use, but now the cookies are gone and the chips bag is half empty. Hindi naman nagpapanic si mommy.

But don’t worry baby,we still have milk stash with lola, and whatever happens, I’ll do my best to deliver my promise to breastfeed you until you’re two. So just sit tight love, drink all the milk you want and let mommy do her pumping.


your Mommy Yemmy


Letter to Oreo: A Bad Night’s Sleep

Good morning Oreo baby,

Last night was not one of our best nights. You cried a lot in the wee hours of the morning, which you haven’t done since a week after you were born.

You’ve actually been a very very nice baby, especially at night. You’d fuss a bit before bedtime, but once we get you to that sweet sleepy spot, you’d wake up only at 2am to feed, then 4am, and fall right back to sleep. And once you hit 2 months you settled for just a 4am nursing. Yup, we are the stuff of envy of a lot of other new parents.

But last night was different, and it really worried me. What was wrong baby love? Why did you cry non stop for almost an hour? Were you just gassy, hungry, or sleepy but you couldn’t find your sweet spot, or all of those three? Eventually, you settled on my thighs and held on tightly to my thumbs while daddy fed you, and drifted off to sleep on my shoulder, and then your dad’s. So it was still a happy ending after all, and we were all just left a few hours short of sleep.
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Letter to Oreo: Pooping in the Bath

Dear Oreo,

The title says it all.

I was behind schedule today. We took a nap at midmorning, and before I knew it it was already 12 noon. I rushed to bathe, then fixed everything we needed for your bath.

It was all going so well – in fact, this was only the second time ever that you did not cry when l washed your face. Then I proceeded to wash your hands – still no reaction. Then I opened your diaper, and as expected it was really wet, but there wasn’t much poop in there.

I should have known. You were giving me this all too familiar look of concentration, and you were making these wheezy grunting sounds.

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Letter to Oreo: 7.3 pounds & Counting

Dear Oreo,

I can’t sleep little love. We had our check up yesterday, and we found out that you’re already 7.3 pounds. I’m really really thankful that you scored 8/8 on your exam, which means you’re perfectly good in there. But 7.3 pounds is really big for a normal delivery, so I’m really worried now.

I want us to have that experience of natural birth, to share a journey through pain and elation that mothers everyday get to have. I want to give you the very best protection from the onset, which you can only get if you pass through my birth canal, undrugged, and into my arms.

Our doctor said we might still have that. There’s still a chance, since mommy’s a big girl. But for the past few months we’ve learned enough to know that the bigger you are, the higher our chances are to need a Cesarean. And mommy’s disappointed, and mommy’s sad. I’m disappointed at myself because I feel like I’m letting you down. I’m sad because I had this very clear idea how it would go, but now I’m not sure anymore.

But one thing’s for sure Oreo – mommy and daddy loves you so much. We’re still very excited about your coming, and we’ll do our best to give you that best start in life that our Oreochubbykulet deserves.

Love you baby,
your mommy



Letter to Oreo: Skipping Lines, Dodging Policemen


Dear Oreo,

Today your Daddy and I went shopping at SM Megamall for our hospital bag checklist. On our way back your dad made a U-turn, and we immediately got flagged down by a policeman.

He said, “Sir, bawal pong mag U-turn dito.” And true enough, there was a no U-turn sign there, daddy just didn’t notice.

As with my other experiences with our street enforcers, I was already wondering how much he’d ask for his ‘midnight coffee’, especially when he said, “Taga san ba kayo? Ah, Pasig, pareho pala tayo e.” But then he peered into the car and saw us, huge belly and all, and he said, “Naku, buntis pala si mam. Sige sir, para di na kayo maabala, ingat n lang.”

And he walked away just like that. You’re some lucky baby aren’t you, love?

I also had a similar experience this week when I strolled in S&R after work. It was lunchtime so there was a long line for check-out. Usually I don’t buy anything because I hate queuing for a long time, but I saw this tub of prunes I just had to have.

I hate cutting lines, but what’s a mommy with swollen feet got to do? So I walked up to the Senior Citizens lane and asked the nice lady if I could pay there, and she said yes. Yay!

Incidentally your dad and I also watched Ironman 3 the other weekend. It was free seating, and there was already a queue when we got there. Basically the same thing happened 🙂 We got in first and got really good seats.

Thanks baby Oreo! You’re already a very big blessing on your own, it’s really just amusing to also get these little perks that make our journey together even a bit more fun.

Love you baby,




Letter to Oreo: Five Days at our New Old Home


Dear Oreo,

We’re here right now at our new family house in Calapan. Last Friday Mommy went home to attend the opening of PUREGOLD Calapan, and then extended our stay here so we can spend some time with your lolo and lola.

We miss daddy, but I missed my parents a lot too.

Your lolo and lola fed us a lot of yummy food, which included roast chicken, pork soup stock boiled over a low fire on a clay stove for hours, crabs, spicy shrimp, and just about every other food mommy has been craving for the past month.

We kicked out your lolo and took his place beside your lola, and mommy slept well for days. We also got some “exercise” buying mommy more clothes from the local ukay-ukay – including several swimwear so we can still be cute on the beach.

We’re really excited for your arrival Oreo. I hope you like our vacation as much as I do. Don’t worry baby, we’ll see daddy soon.


Mommy Yemmy