Letter to Oreo: Five Days at our New Old Home


Dear Oreo,

We’re here right now at our new family house in Calapan. Last Friday Mommy went home to attend the opening of PUREGOLD Calapan, and then extended our stay here so we can spend some time with your lolo and lola.

We miss daddy, but I missed my parents a lot too.

Your lolo and lola fed us a lot of yummy food, which included roast chicken, pork soup stock boiled over a low fire on a clay stove for hours, crabs, spicy shrimp, and just about every other food mommy has been craving for the past month.

We kicked out your lolo and took his place beside your lola, and mommy slept well for days. We also got some “exercise” buying mommy more clothes from the local ukay-ukay – including several swimwear so we can still be cute on the beach.

We’re really excited for your arrival Oreo. I hope you like our vacation as much as I do. Don’t worry baby, we’ll see daddy soon.


Mommy Yemmy