Letter to Momo: Our Lovely Baby Boy

Dear Momo,

Today mommy and daddy skipped work to finally have our check up. It was a long wait, in a new hospital, with a clueless technician but guess what? I was so excited I really didn’t mind.

Seeing you again was amazing. I missed you a lot, since it’s been almost three months since we last saw you. And you’re all grown up, so that we could see all the cute features on you little face, how your head is all crammed in a nook of mommy’s belly, and how your left arm is raised all the way up your head held like a pose to show off your little fingers.

Hearing your heartbeat always feels like the first time. I missed you a lot, my little love. And just seeing you wiggle and stir made tears well in my eyes.

Daddy was there too of course, and he held his breath until we finally heard your heartbeat. From there on, we were just thankful that you’re healthy and well, cozy in my belly. But then, we were really excited too, especially when Dr. Dy asked if we’ve guess your gender right.

Of course, only my daddy and yours kept saying you’d be a boy, everyone else guessed girl and pink ribbons. But guess what, as usual, daddy’s right. You’re officially our little baby boy, first born of your generation for both our households.

Oh we’re so excited to see you, our little Momo. We’ll be busy thinking of a new name for you too.

Sleep tight and keep warm and healthy in my tummy, little love.



Letter to Momo: 20 weeks and we’re still not sure to buy Blue or Pink

Dear Momo,
(my precious unborn baby)

Today we were supposed to come in for a check up, and we were finally to find out if you’re gonna be a girl, or a boy as daddy hopes for his sake you’d be, but alas! We weren’t meant to find out so easy.

As it turned out, mommy was already dressed and excited when she texted Dra. Dy, but to my disappointment, she actually wasn’t in. Maybe you felt I was grumpy for a while, but then again, as daddy said, what’s a few more days when we’ve already waited 20 weeks?

Happy 20 weeks Momo. Mommy and Daddy loves you very much.