Letter to Oreo: A Malunggay Binge

Dear Oreocakes,

I’m stressed about your recent milk intake. You’re becoming a big boy so fast, but I was still surprised when your milk intake jumped from 18oz daily to 30oz for 12hr period. Yes baby, that much. While I’m used to setting aside a 6oz bag of excess milk in the freezer daily, the past two days I find myself watching the ref to check if there’s still any chilled milk left. Uh-oh, wala na naman?! Time to pump!

I had malunggay cookies and chips – one from Bohol and the latter, Tagaytay – I set aside supposedly for future use, but now the cookies are gone and the chips bag is half empty. Hindi naman nagpapanic si mommy.

But don’t worry baby,we still have milk stash with lola, and whatever happens, I’ll do my best to deliver my promise to breastfeed you until you’re two. So just sit tight love, drink all the milk you want and let mommy do her pumping.


your Mommy Yemmy


Packing for Baby

I consider myself a good packer. I’m redundant and efficient at the same time. Because it’s me, I always forget a thing or two, but overall I always pack everything you can think of needing within the prescribed luggage limit, plus enough stuff for an extra day or two just in case.

But this was really put to the test when I packed for our first trip with baby Oreo last week – at one point I seriously considered packing our full-sized Chicco sterilizer!

But after a sleepless night (I started packing at 6pm, slept late, then repacked everything in my dreams and the following morning) I was able to pack well within our luggage limit, and I didn’t forget a thing!

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Letter to Oreo: Pooping in the Bath

Dear Oreo,

The title says it all.

I was behind schedule today. We took a nap at midmorning, and before I knew it it was already 12 noon. I rushed to bathe, then fixed everything we needed for your bath.

It was all going so well – in fact, this was only the second time ever that you did not cry when l washed your face. Then I proceeded to wash your hands – still no reaction. Then I opened your diaper, and as expected it was really wet, but there wasn’t much poop in there.

I should have known. You were giving me this all too familiar look of concentration, and you were making these wheezy grunting sounds.

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When It Rains It Baby Showers I – Reunion with College Friends

The rainy season has begun, and this week it has finally started raining in earnest! I’ve always hated the heat, and especially now that I’m pregnant and always feel overheated, I really look forward to cooler weather.

But this week, each rainy evening brought not only soothing rain showers, but also good friends and buddies from years back.

Today I had my second baby shower – this time with my good friends from college, most of whom I haven’t seen for quite some time (read, last seen years back). In fact, I wasn’t expecting this group at all – I thought it would just be a few friends from my org, but when I finally got to open the Facebook invite I was very pleasantly surprised that my batchmates & review schoolmates would also be there! It was one happy college reunion indeed.

Unfortunately for us the rain really poured with a vengeance that night. Fortunately, it takes more than that to keep us apart. And lucky Oreo, because despite the downpour there weren’t much cars or flood on the streets, which was actually a bit wierd.

The venue was the quaint Epic Cafe at East Capitol. Hubby and I arrived a bit late, but so did the other half of the party.

Honestly it was more of a reunion for us than a baby shower. The agenda was around 20% Oreo and 80% friends catching up. There was no program – or rather, they planned for one, with someone suspiciously carrying Dr. P adult diapers, but in the hustle bustle of people arriving and giving each other bear hugs they just gave up.

It took us about an hour to get over taking group photos, and another to fill in each other with updates on our lives. I also got to introduce Hubby to them finally, and since one of us was a newly minted lawyer, we even got free legal advice!

In the end I’m just really very grateful to baby Oreo for getting us together in that cafe on such a rainy night; I can’t imagine how else we could’ve pulled everyone out from their busy lives and take time to catch up.

And as icing to the cake, we got two big gifts for baby Oreo! The First Years Close and Secure Baby Sleeper and the Chicco Baby Trainer Ergo Gym, both perfect for keeping Oreo safe & snug while we hang out in the house for the months to come. Oh, and I got to keep the pack of Dr. P!



Childbirth Class Day 5 – Complications, Drugs & C-Section

Today was all about complications, C-section and medications. It can get quite scary just talking about the many things that can go wrong, but as they say, knowing is half the battle.

It’s a good thing to know that not all complications call for a C-section; sometimes a natural birth is still possible. We plotted them out like this:


At the end of the class, most of us agreed that we will all try our best to give birth naturally without epidural. Good luck to us!

Today we were also missing something we’ve always had since Day 1 – our name tags! Ms. Rome challenged us to remember each other’s names last meeting, and today she made us identify our classmates one by one.

Since I’m really bad with names I already had a hard time just remembering everyone’s first names. However,as always, Mr. Hubby had a 1UP plan – when it was his turn he named almost everyone by their first AND surnames! So proud of you, hubby! Because of that we won yet another prize – a pack of Chino Pino pre-folded diapers!


TALK of the DAY!

Of course the class ended with anohter talk, this time from Ms. Honey of Huggies. It was actually my first time to touch a wet nappy, and I was surprised by the cold gel-like feel to it.

In the end we each got 2 packs of Huggies newborn nappies. I must say, it looked pretty convincing to me, but what do I know? I’ll definitely give it a try and probably write a diaper review when baby arrives. So excited!



Ms. Rome also told us to google “Priscilla Dunstan’s baby language”, which interprets babies’ different cries. Here’s a link to her Oprah episode. Basically it says that 0-3 month babies all have a universal secret language, and they’re basically telling us 5 things:

“neh” – hungry
“owh” – sleepy
“heh” – discomfort
“eair” – lower gas
“eh” – burp


And finally, just to share some of my notes on today’s topics,



One of the things I asked my OB is, “What if I still haven’t popped at 40 weeks?” Well, she said that by that time I’d already have to be induced.

During our class, a postmature baby is actually defined as one who hasn’t popped beyond 42 weeks. By this time a lot of things can go wrong – meconium stain (baby can poop inside the tummy), he can contract pneumonia, or grow so much bigger, etc.

When this happens, they can give you drugs to induce labor, but it can also be DIY – via a lot of walking, driving around bumpy roads, or even sex.

Yup, sex actually induces labor, but not because the main reason is not the rigorious activity or the position, but actually the prostaglandin in a male semen. Trivia for the day alert!


This time baby is under under 37 weeks, so he’s still not fully developed, especially his lungs.

Prolapsed cord

When the cord detaches while the baby is still inside, it calls for emergency C-section. This usually happens when the water breaks and the cord detaches and goes down first.

Other Cord Problems

Like when the cord loops around the baby, or when the cord is too short, keeping baby from getting out.

Placenta Abruptio

Like prolapsed cord, when the placenta detaches while baby is still inside the tummy, baby loses his life support system so this calls for C-section also.


When a mom has herpes the baby is at risk of picking up the disease from the birth canal.

Placenta previa

There are three types of previa – when the placenta s just low lying, or when it is partially or completely covering the cervix, blocking the baby.

Meconium stain

When baby poops inside, which can be toxic for both baby and mom.

Preeclampsia / Eclempsia

High blood pressure, swollen feet, extreme body temperature, or in extreme cases, having seizures and severe drop in the levle of amniotic fluid.

Face-brow Orientation

When baby present himself face first.


When mommy’s pelvis is too small.

C-section is a 10cm cut (eep, got more info on advanced methods with smaller cuts, anyone?), which can be done horizontally – Bikini Cut, or vertically – Classical Cut.

For moms who want to try for vaginal birth after C-section, or wear a two-piece again, the Bikini Cut is recommended.


There are 3 types – local (for episiotomy), regional (epidural, or spinal to numb a certain region), or general (which knocks both mommy and baby out completely).

On drugs I didn’t take much notes, but the handouts pretty much covered everything.

– end of notes-

Next week is our last week! I’m excited that the weeks are passing so quickly, but I’m sad at the same time that we’re going to go our separate ways again after sharing Sunday mornings for more than a month.


Baby Shower with the Superstars

Today was a fun- filled Saturday of games, gifts, and good wishes, and also a first for all of us who’ve never been to a baby shower before. Today Oreo was welcomed by his titos and titas as a baby Superstar 🌟!


As the youngest in our Nestlé batch, I’m pretty sure no one expected to be throwing me a baby shower first, but they did a really great job at, especially our lovely host. Of course Hubby was also there along with our other significant others.

We started off some food – Shakey’s pizza & mojos, salad greens, lovely home-baked lasagna, really good cheesecake, some Iko’s cupcakes that we brought and some drinks, and I admit that even if I’m already supposed to be watching my weight already, I helped myself to everything except the cupcakes and soda (sorry, Oreo).

Then came the games. The first one was we had to guess which baby pic is who, and after some head-scratching, we scored perfect! Yep, we’re competitive like that!

The second one was even more fun – we had the guys including Hubby drink fresh milk from feeding bottles! I guess it was a lot harder than it looked because they were all struggling to suck, but eventually the boys got the idea and bit the nipples.

We also had our photos taken, then our host made the boys line up and make faces representing the 9 months of pregnancy – from sex face until birth!



Then came early Christmas. There’s only one thing more fun than shopping for baby stuff – getting them for free, all wrapped up in pastel gift wraps. I made a registry a few weeks back at Baby Company at SM North EDSA The Block, and it took me a lot of effort to keep myself from buying the things I just registered for.



Here’s a list of the things I got from my Superstar batchmates, waaaaaaaayyy more than I expected to get in one baby shower. I even got a baby showcase from just one person – 5 items in just one box!

  • The First Years Deluxe Fold & Go portable changing kit
  • Beco Bloom Bag Organizer
  • Bloom Nursing Pillow Blue
  • Summer Swaddle Me
  • Chicco Sterilizer
  • Crystal Living Case
  • Nursing Feeding Wrap Cover
  • Owen Starter Set Towel
  • Bamboo pocket diaper
  • Rubber sheet
  • 4pc feeding bottles Newborn Starter Set
  • 4bottles Gerber
  • Superstar onesie!

  • Even until now, I’m still a bit unsure if all baby showers go like this, if my batchmates just got too shopping-happy for their first baby shower, or they’ll really just a generous lot. Most likely the last two combined, and I’m not complaining!


    Thanks Superstars! 🌟


    4D Ultrasound – Oreo’s First Baby Photos from Face2Face


    My hubby and I have wanted to have Oreo’s picture taken in 4D for a long time now. But for our past 2 check-ups, he’s been such a camera-shy baby, hiding his face in his hands, so we couldn’t get a good look. But hubby just won’t give up.

    So today we went to Face2Face – The Baby Ultrasound Company in The Block, SM North* to try and get his picture taken, and finally, we got it! Our very first photos of his cute chubby face at last!

    But being the stubborn chipmunk that he is, he just wouldn’t make it easy. It took us almost four hours to complete the shots, and even in that much time we didn’t get a lot of variety at all. Not that Face2Face didn’t do their best (the doctor was very patient and persistent), but Oreo just kept on sleeping the entire time with his face partially tucked under his hands. Even a dose of Bubble Tea green tea milk shake, extensive walking around the mall, and lots of sweet dried mangoes didn’t manage to perk him up! I guess afternoon naps are really his thing, just like his daddy.

    Overall it was still a very wonderful experience to see our baby’s face for the first time, and even now I can’t help but stare at his photo, which is now my wallpaper. It’s something I’d recommend to other first-time moms out there who have a little extra money and lots of time to spend.

    Just some tips though –

    Have it at the hospital, or at a mall boutique?

    We have our regular check-up at VRP, and they do give 4D ultrasound there too (package @ P4,200). We did try to have it done there where we would’ve felt 100% safe about the process, but every time our baby wouldn’t cooperate, and after a few minutes, they’d already call it a day.

    Of course I don’t blame the hospital because they really have infinitely more pressing concerns than taking my baby’s first photo (like the queue of another half dozen expecting moms waiting for their check-up, for example).

    On the other hand, in Face2Face their business revolves only around taking ultrasound photos, so they were ever so patient in poking and prodding my tummy, sending me out for walks and then jellying my tummy back again until we got enough shots.

    Call ahead, sign up early, and don’t come in on a Saturday

    We actually went to Face2Face the day before (on a Saturday) and weren’t served at all. We called ahead and the receptionist said the doctor will come in at 3pm, and customers would only be served on a first come first served basis. However when we got there exactly at 3pm the lounge was already full of other pregnant couples, and to our horror we were already #16.

    Eventually we decided to just come back the next day. They opened earlier at 1pm, and to our surprise, there was just one other couple already inside.

    Have it done when you’re just 24-28 weeks

    I was already at 33 weeks when we had it done, so the pictures weren’t as clear as they could have been since baby’s face is already pressed up against my uterus and he didn’t have much room to move anymore. We still got a lot of good photos, but have it earlier just to be sure.

    Come with lots of patience

    Because we need to stock up on lots of this anyway. And when the doctor sends you out for a 10-minute walk the umpteenth time, you can always go to Baby Company to do your baby register, just as I did.

    *About Face2Face – The Baby Ultrasound Company

    (this is not a paid entry mommies, just sharing my experience & research)

    Branches: The Block, SM North EDSA & SM San Lazaro

    Gold 3D/4D package: P3,300 for 1 DVD (for video), 1 CD (photos) and 5 prints which we availed. But you can start with the P1,000 package (photos only) to check baby’s position, and then pay the difference just to be sure.

    Contact # (02) 391 3806 – SM North EDSA