Letter to Oreo: A Bad Night’s Sleep

Good morning Oreo baby,

Last night was not one of our best nights. You cried a lot in the wee hours of the morning, which you haven’t done since a week after you were born.

You’ve actually been a very very nice baby, especially at night. You’d fuss a bit before bedtime, but once we get you to that sweet sleepy spot, you’d wake up only at 2am to feed, then 4am, and fall right back to sleep. And once you hit 2 months you settled for just a 4am nursing. Yup, we are the stuff of envy of a lot of other new parents.

But last night was different, and it really worried me. What was wrong baby love? Why did you cry non stop for almost an hour? Were you just gassy, hungry, or sleepy but you couldn’t find your sweet spot, or all of those three? Eventually, you settled on my thighs and held on tightly to my thumbs while daddy fed you, and drifted off to sleep on my shoulder, and then your dad’s. So it was still a happy ending after all, and we were all just left a few hours short of sleep.
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