Letter to Oreo: We got you your Momo


Dear Oreo,

Yesterday your Daddy and I went window shopping in Robinson’s Pioneer. On our way back to the parking lot, we saw this pile of stuffed toys on sale – big white teddies and purple dinosaurs that nobody was really buying. Mommy being mommy, I just had to take a look at some of the fluffiness, and dad came along.

As I was checking out the big white bear, daddy pulled a tiny creamy dog from the pile, and I think I’ve never seen your dad have that look on his face before – he immediately adored the little dog so much. Daddy started to say something about how kids always have something they always hold on to, and he can just imagine you love this little bundle of doggy fluff.

But then daddy returned the little dog to the pile reluctantly, saying it will be a long time before you’d get to play with him. But he had this really cute puppy look on his face, so I said, ‘We can buy it now and keep it for him? See, he’s really just cheap’. ‘But I don’t have any cash with me’, he said. So I said, ‘Then I’ll buy it for you.’ and immediately, his face lighted up like a kid’s, he just looked to thrilled and happy and all.

As we paid for the stuffed puppy, your dad said, ‘Let’s call him Momo’.

And so Momo it is, another someone out here waiting excited to see you.

Love you always baby,